Literary periods

The three periods I like the most are; the Victorian, the modern and the romantic period. This is because I am interested on the principle authors of those periods and I would like to read their work. Furthermore, I found the genres explored very attractive. I want to start reading classical literature and I believe these periods have the most accurate books for it. I would enjoy reading these books.

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All my sons- activity

All my Sons- Olivia Obligado, Juana Zufriategui and Luz Esteban

1)What do keller and Chris talk about? Do they have similar or contrasting views on the matter? Explain and quote.
2)Choose 3 important quotations from the conversation they have and explain them.
3)Find 2 examples of irony and explain them
4) Mention 2 other literary devices and comment on their impact on the readers.

  1.  Keller and Chris are discussing about Larry, who has been missing for 3 years. They also talk about Mother and how she is still hopeful about his return. However, they do not support this , as they believe Larry might be dead; “CHRIS: For God’s sake, three years! Nobody comes back after three years. It’s insane”. Nevertheless, they sympathize with Mother’s hope of Larry coming back and decide not to upset her.   
  • They definitely have contrasting views on the matter concerning Annie. Chris wants to propose marriage to her but Keller disagrees; “I don’t see why it has to be Annie…”, supporting that she was in a relationship with Larry. Chris marrying her means that Larry will never come back, which is a harsh truth they are not willing to face, specially Mother. 

2. Chris: “Being dishonest with her.  That kind of thing always pays off, and now it’s paying  off.”

Keller: “What do you mean, dishonest?”

Chris: “You know Larry’s not coming back and I know it.  Why do we allow her to go on thinking that we believe with her?” 

  •   We believe that this conversation is important since it shows in part the vision of these characters regarding the thoughts of the mother who, clearly, did not overcome the death of her son. You can see how everyone shows themselves in front of her, but at the same time they have a totally different thought, which makes them «dishonest»

Chris: “For God’s sake, three years!  Nobody comes back after three years. It’s insane.”

Keller: “To you it is, and to me.  But not to her. You can talk yourself blue in the face, but there’s no body and no grave, so where are you?” 

  • We also believe that this text is very important since it shows the readers the lack of hope that the characters have about Larry’s life, shows how sure they are that he has already died. However, in turn, we can see her mother’s wish and hope that he is alive, since they clarify that for her it is not strange that she has not returned in those three years.

Keller: “The trouble is the Goddam newspapers.  Every month some boy turns up from nowhere, so the next one is going to be Larry, so…”

  • Finally, we believe that this text is extremely important since it shows a facet of Keller that we have not seen before. It shows a more vulnerable side, a side that does hope that Larry will return and a side that has not yet fully accepted his departure.

3) Irony

  • “You are always reading the book section and you never buy a book”.  

We can see irony through this quotation as Keller is being ironic towards chris as although he is always reading the book section, he never bought a book to read. In most of the cases when you read the book section, you find one to buy and read but this was not chris’s case so that is why Keller is being ironic.

  • “ in the beginning when I first made you a police man you used to come in every morning with something new. Now, nothing’s ever new.”

Through this quote, we can find irony as keller is telling Bert In an ironic way how it could be possible to come with something new every day when you first started “working” as he is eight and now there is nothing. He is being ironic towards Bert as he is only a kid not a real policeman.

4) Literary devices


One example of foreshadowing is Joe’s game with Bert. Joe made Bert and Tommy local policemen who patrol the block and report suspicious things to Joe. He told Bert there was a jail in the basement of his house and showed him his «arresting gun». In return, Bert reported some disturbances to Joe and he promised to promote Bert to a detective. All the elements of this game: the jail, the gun, and the issue of guilt will come up in the further development of the plot.


“In the left corner, downstage, stands the four-foot-high stump of a slender apple tree whose upper trunk and branches lie toppled beside it, fruit still clinging to its branches.»

The apple tree was planted two years ago after Larry’s “death” to honor his memory. The symbolism of the tree is to show that Larry is dead. However, Kate claims that the tree shouldn’t have been planted in the first place because Larry may still return home. She has the feeling that Larry is still alive.

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How to write Literary papers (project)

In Language and Literature, we started studying how to write literary papers. To do so, we prepared a presentation in groups with the whole explanation. I’ve worked with Juana an Olivia and this is our work:

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Mudanças socias e culturais do homem/ ou da mulher

  • Na minha opinião, a maior mudança para as mulheres ao longo do tempo é a atual oportunidade de conseguir um emprego. Antes, as mulheres se dedicavam exclusivamente a criar seus filhos e a cuidar da casa. No entanto, agora as mulheres podem escolher o trabalho a ser feito para sustentar a seus famílias. 


  •      Outra grande mudança para as mulheres é o seu papel na sociedade. Antes, eles eram muito dependentes dos homens e, como conseqüência, não podiam fazer nada sozinhos. Por exemplo, eles tinham que estar acompanhados por um homem toda vez que saíam e não podiam ser expostos em público com roupas inadequadas. Além disso, eles não poderiam se divorciar se quisessem.


  • Os homens também mudaram ao longo do tempo, considerando que os tempos evoluíram. Graças ao fato de as mulheres terem mudado também, os homens adotam um papel diferente na sociedade. Por Exemplo, não são mais a única figura que apóia financeiramente a família. No entanto, antes os homens eram os únicos capazes de ganhar dinheiro. Atualmente, em algumas famílias é a mulher que trabalha e o homem fica em casa. 


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All my sons- pair work

Before starting reading “All my sons”, in Literature we worked towards a previous analyis of the play in pairs. For it, we first started by writing a biography on the author. Afterwards, we answered some questions on the book. I’ve worked with Olivia Obligado.



  •  Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York, on October 17, 1915, to an immigrant family of Polish and Jewish descent.
  • He is considered one of the greatest American playwrights of the 20th century. His best-known plays include ‘All My Sons,’ ‘The Crucible’ and the Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘Death of a Salesman.
  • The Great Depression brought financial ruin in his family, creating in him the insecurity of modern existence.
  • Miller married actress and Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, whose marriage was known as the union of “the Great American Brain” and “the Great American Body.”
  • Miller and Monroe’s high-profile marriage placed the playwright in the Hollywood spotlight.
  • His first public success was with Focus in 1945, a novel about anti-Semitism. 
  •  After Monroe’s death,Miller’s controversial 1964 drama After the Fall was believed to have been partially inspired by their relationship, for which he responded that his play was a “work of fiction”. 
  • Miller came under the committee’s scrutiny in 1956, when it refused to renew his passport. His 1953 play, the Tony Award-winning The Crucible, a dramatization of the Salem witch trials of 1692 and an allegory about McCarthyism, was believed to be one of the reasons why Miller was called to appear before the committee. 
  • In 1962, Miller married Austrian-born photographer Inge Morath. The couple had two children, Rebecca and Daniel.
  •  In 2005, Miller died of heart failure at his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, surrounded by Barley, family and friends at the age of 89.


 By Luz and Olivia


How would you define a responsible person?

Are you a responsible person? Why or why not? Give examples of people you know in your personal life or in the public domain who are responsible. How do these individuals support your definition?

How does one learn to become a responsible person?

Who are the “teachers” and where do we find them in our lives?

Is being responsible a character trait that you value a lot?

Why or why not?


  1.  I would define someone as responsible if he/she is thoughtful about their daily decision. Every small decision matters. As well, if they have the ability of being  responsible for dealing with the consequences of any kind of action.
  2.  I believe I am a responsible person, considering that I do not act upon my thoughts. On the contrary, I think everything twice before taking action. This way, I can wisely choose which things I am supposed to do and which ones I am not. I can find a clear example of a responsible person in the figure of my mother. This is because not only she is quite thoughtful about her daily decision, but also makes sure that her whole family assumes a responsible attitude as well.
  3. Under my eyes, a person can learn how to be responsible by following the example of a responsible person. This way, it is possible to comprehend which type of behaviour is necessary for coexisting in a society full of other people. 
  4. The teachers are those whose job is focused on teaching. In our lives, we find teachers all throughout school and in college as well. I believe most of them not only teaches us accademic content, but also how to be prepared for our near future. 
  5. Although being responsible is a very valuable character trait, I believe there are other ones as well. For instance, under my eyes, it is more important to be a positive person rather than a responsible one. This is because it does not make sense to be responsible if life is being lived with a negative perspective.


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Eportfolio lit: Act 10

  For the last learning experience of the eportfolio, I chose an activity done in groups a couple of weeks ago, in which we had to prepare a presentation analysing our respective poem. Each group had one different poem. Sol Santayana, Olivia Obligado and I worked on the poem “When you are old”, written by William Butler Yeats. The activity consisted on firstly reading and analysing the poem and secondly, displaying  the information on a powerpoint. To carry on the assignment, we started by making research on the author. Afterwards, we talked a little bit about a significant literary movement; realism. Moreover, we continued the presentation by making a deep analysis on the title, in which we included our personal opinion about its contribution to the poem. Furthermore, we identified the literary devices present in the text and explained the effect these ones had on it. Last but not least, we included an illustration we thought was appropriate for each stanza. 


  From reviewing this activity, I have learnt the importance of working in groups. This is because the activity was an extense one, for which cooperating all together was completely necessary if we wanted to accomplish a compelling work. Therefore, I believe it gave us the space to debate and present our different perspectives on the poem. This clearly helped to bring on new interpretations of it, which I believe it is the key to enrich our knowledge. In this case, by having more than one opinion on the poem, I could extend the analysis of it and therefore, understand it from a different viewpoint. Furthermore, another positive aspect of the activity I must highlight is the last part of it, in which we had to illustrate each stanza with a picture/drawing. I believe this stimulated our creative skills, motivating us to explore our endless creativity.  This is because we had to think beyond the author’s words and try to picture a concrete representation of his message. In my opinion, this is much more harder than making the usual written analysis, considering that it plays with our mind and the millions of different interpretation each of us may have of the stanzas. 



 What I can connect to real life through the  learning experience is the useful tools that this one gave us so as to develop in the near future. This is because it allowed us to practice the art of analysing and reflecting, which I believe it will help us both in our personal and laboral life. As I said before, it is important to develop our creative skills, considering that those will we the ones highlighting us from the rest in the future. Furthermore, this activity revealed the importance of working in groups, which is also useful for our personal lives. In fact, it is extremely necessary to learn how to work combined with other people. This will ensure an effective performance in our lives, both personal and laboral, considering that working in groups enrich our knowledge in every aspect. 


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Is It Art?

   Duchamp was a very well known artist who  was able to change the structure of the art world at that time and, created a new revolutionary art movement. Through one of his most famous pieces; “The Fountain”, we can clearly see that he had innovative ideas. In fact, he cleverly made use of a urinal piece to express a certain criticism towards what had been formally established as a piece of art. In other words, he aimed at questioning the concept of what made up an art-work and therefore, managed to break with the basis of the old world of art. Furthermore, he strongly believed that artists should be the ones deciding whether if their work was art or not, rather than the society. This proves that Duchamp had a real message to transmit through The Fountain, for which I believe it must be considered as art. Not only he had a message, but also a supportive audience and most importantly, a creative element that managed to introduce on the piece. Firstly, The Fountain created an  effective impact on people, for which Duchamp received a positive support and recognition from society. This contributed to the accomplishment of his main objective; changing society’s viewpoint about the concept of art. Furthermore, he produced an artwork out of a ready- made piece and therefore, included a creative element to his work. It is for all these things that I believe Duchamp’s artwork must be considered as art. 

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Artwork inspired

 I created a piece of art inspired by the Argentine artist Adrian Villar Rojas. This is because I feel very comfortable with the message he wants to transmit through his art, based on the earth’s cruel reality and the role human beings have  incorporated overtime. In fact, humanity has managed to destroy everything, even the most pure thing; nature. This way, my project aimed to show one of the most damaging deeds humans have done, which is pollution, and I decided to represent it through the image of a turtle in the ocean full of trash.  


     Following the artist’s technique of building in three dimensions,  I’ve decided to model the turtle. To do so, I cut newspaper in small pieces and integrate it with some plastic glue. This way, kind of a dough was formed. At that point, I started building a figurative turtle and then I painted it. Nevertheless, I did not choose the exact same colours of a real one, instead, I mixed green,  brown and white and created an expressive colour. For the background, I painted the ocean in a light-blue tone and in an untidy way, so as to create the effect of a rough sea. 


 All in all, I really liked Roja’s message transmitted in his art piece and therefore, I decided  to work on a simbolic image to express a shared message; humanity managed to destroy everything. To do so, I based my technique on the artist’s one and modeled a turtle.

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Artwork analysis- creative process

  1.  Art, according to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,  is  a “mediator of the unspeakable”. 


  1. b) 


I believe this artwork by Pejac perfectly matches with the previous definition of art. This is because we get to understand the artist´s both feelings and criticism as regards  the world nowadays with one simply image. Therefore, it is completely true that art manifests what can not be explained nor understood. In other words, I think it is a vivid representation of what human beings keep from saying. Perhaps, one image is much more clear than thousand words. In the case of this artwork, through the artist´s vivid images we can comprehend our ability to destroy everything to the point of living surrounded by trash. 


c-   This is the artwork I liked the best:

3)   This artwork, by Adrian Villar Rojas, is a sculpture made of both clay and cement.Furthermore,  the technique he used was to sculpt in relief the shape of the elephant . 

  1. b)   The artwork portrays an elephant crashing onto a wall, which represents the whole  animal kingdom struggling against human greedy culture that manages to destroy everything, including nature.  The animal is pictured through such a vivid image that looks like a real elephant. In fact, it really caught my attention how much details the artwork  has , considering that the claws can be perfectly perceived thanks to its bulky shape. Furthermore, it is a figurative image.
  2. c)  i) The elements in the image are occupying a lot of space, considering that it is a concrete representation of an elephant, and therefore it has its real body shape.Furthermore, the proportions of the animal are perfectly displayed in the sculpture, which avoids it  to look like an abstract figure and accomplishes a realistic one. 
  3. ii)  We can observe that the same hues of colours are used for the whole sculpture, however [of which specific colour?], a certain difference is notable around the top part of the elephant.  The artist used an achromatic group of colour. Furthermore, some he used shades in some parts of the animal so as to provide the illusion of depth. This is due to lighting, that play a key role in installation sculptures.
  4. e)  It makes  me feel quite uncomfortable as it is a reminder of human´s cruel acts towards nature and the planet itself.  Furthermore, it makes me sympathize with animals, considering that their innocence generates such goodness on them and yet we treat them in an inhuman way. However, it also awakes me a strong desire for helping animals  and changing human´s bad habit of thinking that they are more powerful than nature. I believe that the elephant appearing to have its body harmed, as a visual resource, is triggering these feelings. This is because by showing how real this issue is, it  the urgent need of making a change is reinforced. Moreover, the fact that the animal is looking down also generates these feelings, as I believe it is a way of giving up.
  5. f)  I believe the meaning of the artwork is to  symbolise the earth cruel reality and the role human beings have  incorporated overtime. This is why the master piece expresses the animal’s constant struggle for survival in a world  where humanity put itself in a higher position than nature and achieves to destroy everything, including them. It also shows animal’s both reaction and feelings towards the situation; they want to speak up and stop humanity from ruining the planet, which is why the elephant is crashing against society and its cruel deeds.  Furthermore, I think it has an ironic message , as it comments on the fact that while humans have a rational mind and still act as if they didn’t, animals answer by instinct and still are more intelligent.


  1. e) I believe   “Earth song” , by Michael Jackson, is related with the piece of art because they both criticises  humanity and stands up for the fact that an urgent change is needed. They both are targeting to make people aware of our mean actions through visual images , providing a mirror held up to reality. 


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Portfolio lengua: Act 9


Para esta última entrada del portfolio de Lengua, elegí una actividad de carácter individual,  realizada en el segundo trimestre. Para esta actividad, la profesora nos asignó a cada uno una cita diferente acerca del libro que estábamos leyendo; “Del amor y otro demonios”, escrito por Gabriel García Márquez. Considerando que estábamos estudiando el realismo mágico, además del boom latinoamericano, trabajamos para lograr establecer una conexión entre la cita dada y el realismo

mágico. De esta manera, analizamos la presencia en el texto de este género literario. También, la actividad consistió en dos partes; la primera estaba destinada al desarrollo del concepto del realismo mágico, mientras qué la segunda se basó en su conexión con el texto. Ambas partes me resultaron sencillas, ya que previamente habíamos hecho un profundo análisis sobre estos temas. En mi caso, me tocó trabajar sobre la siguiente cita; “Al primer año de destierro lo despertó un fragor como de ríos crecidos, y era que los animales de la hacienda estaban abandonando sus dormideros a 26 Gabriel García Márquez Del amor y otros demonios campo traviesa y en silencio absoluto bajo la luna llena. Derribaban sin ruido cuanto les impidiera el paso en línea recta a través de dehesas y cañaverales, torrenteras y pantanos. Delante iban los hatos de ganado mayor y las caballerías de carga y de paso, y detrás los cerdos, las ovejas, las aves de corral, en una fila siniestra que desapareció en la noche. Hasta las aves de vuelo largo, incluidas las palomas, se fueron caminando.” No tardé mucho en darme cuenta que esta  cita era propiamente característica del realismo mágico, ya que presenta uno de los rasgos típicos del mismo; la indomable naturaleza y la armónica reacción de los personajes ante una situación anormal. Fue así como, utilizando mis notas de las clases, pude armar el siguiente trabajo; 


      El realismo mágico, un movimiento literario de mediados del siglo XX,  es un género que presenta a la magia en convivencia armónica con elementos de la realidad cotidiana. De esta manera, da lugar a la coexistencia de tiempos y a la ruptura de la causalidad tradicional.  Se puede definir como una actitud ante la realidad, en la cual lo extraño es considerado lo normal. Así, la realidad y su opuesto, el mundo interminable de los sueños, conviven pacíficamente sin perturbar a nadie. Además, adopta el rol de componente utópico, ya que actúa como una alternativa a la opresiva y limitada realidad. El realismo mágico también presenta la ruptura de una narración unívoca y del tiempo lineal, permitiendo que el pasado, el presente y el futuro se desarrollen simultáneamente. Este género, además, se caracteriza por exponer una naturaleza exacerbada e indomable; una fuerza misteriosa y omnipresente opera sobre la vida de los personajes. 


       García Márquez desarrolla una fuerte conexión con el realismo mágico al presentarlo en varias de sus obras, entre ellas “Del amor y otros demonios”. A través del texto, logra establecer una convivencia armónica entre la magia y los personajes, evadiendo así una ruptura del tiempo lineal. Ygnacio, el heredero legítimo del márquez, había sido  expulsado del granero por su padre, lo que lleva al autor a comentar: “Al primer año de destierro lo despertó un fragor como de ríos crecidos, y era que los animales de la hacienda estaban abandonando sus dormideros a 26 Gabriel García Márquez Del amor y otros demonios campo traviesa y en silencio absoluto bajo la luna llena. Derribaban sin ruido cuanto les impidiera el paso en línea recta a través de dehesas y cañaverales, torrenteras y pantanos. Delante iban los hatos de ganado mayor y las caballerías de carga y de paso, y detrás los cerdos, las ovejas, las aves de corral, en una fila siniestra que desapareció en la noche. Hasta las aves de vuelo largo, incluidas las palomas, se fueron caminando.” Esta cita es propiamente característica del realismo mágico, ya que presenta  uno de los rasgos típicos del mismo; la indomable naturaleza y la armónica reacción de los personajes ante la situación. De hecho, las aves que caminan en vez de volar y el “ganado mayor” trasladándose sin emitir sonido, son una evidente prueba del componente sobrenatural. Por otro lado, no se presencia una reacción perturbadora por parte de los personajes; si bien entienden la situación, la ruptura de la causalidad tradicional no es motivo de alarma para ellos. De esta manera, entendemos que los

personajes toman lo sobrenatural como una moneda corriente y que a pesar de que los límites son constantemente trascendidos, ellos lo aceptan.  


  Personalmente, esta actividad me sirvió para reflexionar más acerca del realismo mágico presente en las obras de diferentes autores latinoamericanos, tales como García Márquez. Esto es porque, a mi parecer, fue una actividad interesante que nos ayudó no solo a entender un poco más de este género, sino también de su participación en partes específicas del texto, lo que contribuyó a una mejor comprensión del mismo. Asimismo, pude  desarrollar otra interpretación del texto y volverme más cercana a él. Además, esta actividad fue muy significativa ya que ayudó a progresar nuestro desempeño en el trabajo con citas, considerando que debíamos utilizar la cita que nos daban y aprovecharla completamente. También, teníamos qué encontrarle su contexto para establecer una correcta relación con el texto. Por su parte, la primera parte de la actividad que consistía en la explicación del realismo mágico me sirvió para extender mi conocimiento acerca de este género literario tan presente durante el célebre boom. Además, este trabajo de escritura creativa nos motivó a explorar nuestra imaginación. De esta manera, pusimos en práctica ciertas habilidad creativas que son clave no solo para el colegio, sino también para nuestras vidas en el futuro próximo.


     A través de esta actividad, la conexión qué puedo establecer con la vida real es la importancia de poder desarrollar diferentes interpretaciones sobre un texto. De hecho, este trabajo de escritura creativa justamente lo que logró fue brindarnos un espacio para poder explorar nuestra imaginación y animarnos a ir más allá de la básica interpretación que un texto puede tener. Es decir, supimos aplicar las herramientas dadas por las citas para ampliar nuestro conocimiento acerca de lo que el autor busca transmitirnos a nosotros, los lectores. A mi parecer, este es un aspecto clave no solo dentro del ámbito escolar, sino también para el  futuro ámbito laboral. Es importante desarrollar nuestra creatividad porque al fin y al cabo, es la característica clave que nos va a distinguir de los demás. Además, también es significante poner en práctica la habilidad de adaptarse a lo que te dan, en este caso cierta cita, y utilizarlo como una herramienta a tu favor para concretar cualquier tipo de trabajo. Creo que la actividad realizada dio espacio a esto, considerando que tuvimos que partir de una respectiva cita y así justificar su influyente contribución al texto. 




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