Eportfolio lit: Act 10

  For the last learning experience of the eportfolio, I chose an activity done in groups a couple of weeks ago, in which we had to prepare a presentation analysing our respective poem. Each group had one different poem. Sol Santayana, Olivia Obligado and I worked on the poem “When you are old”, written by William Butler Yeats. The activity consisted on firstly reading and analysing the poem and secondly, displaying  the information on a powerpoint. To carry on the assignment, we started by making research on the author. Afterwards, we talked a little bit about a significant literary movement; realism. Moreover, we continued the presentation by making a deep analysis on the title, in which we included our personal opinion about its contribution to the poem. Furthermore, we identified the literary devices present in the text and explained the effect these ones had on it. Last but not least, we included an illustration we thought was appropriate for each stanza. 


  From reviewing this activity, I have learnt the importance of working in groups. This is because the activity was an extense one, for which cooperating all together was completely necessary if we wanted to accomplish a compelling work. Therefore, I believe it gave us the space to debate and present our different perspectives on the poem. This clearly helped to bring on new interpretations of it, which I believe it is the key to enrich our knowledge. In this case, by having more than one opinion on the poem, I could extend the analysis of it and therefore, understand it from a different viewpoint. Furthermore, another positive aspect of the activity I must highlight is the last part of it, in which we had to illustrate each stanza with a picture/drawing. I believe this stimulated our creative skills, motivating us to explore our endless creativity.  This is because we had to think beyond the author’s words and try to picture a concrete representation of his message. In my opinion, this is much more harder than making the usual written analysis, considering that it plays with our mind and the millions of different interpretation each of us may have of the stanzas. 



 What I can connect to real life through the  learning experience is the useful tools that this one gave us so as to develop in the near future. This is because it allowed us to practice the art of analysing and reflecting, which I believe it will help us both in our personal and laboral life. As I said before, it is important to develop our creative skills, considering that those will we the ones highlighting us from the rest in the future. Furthermore, this activity revealed the importance of working in groups, which is also useful for our personal lives. In fact, it is extremely necessary to learn how to work combined with other people. This will ensure an effective performance in our lives, both personal and laboral, considering that working in groups enrich our knowledge in every aspect. 


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