Is It Art?

   Duchamp was a very well known artist who  was able to change the structure of the art world at that time and, created a new revolutionary art movement. Through one of his most famous pieces; “The Fountain”, we can clearly see that he had innovative ideas. In fact, he cleverly made use of a urinal piece to express a certain criticism towards what had been formally established as a piece of art. In other words, he aimed at questioning the concept of what made up an art-work and therefore, managed to break with the basis of the old world of art. Furthermore, he strongly believed that artists should be the ones deciding whether if their work was art or not, rather than the society. This proves that Duchamp had a real message to transmit through The Fountain, for which I believe it must be considered as art. Not only he had a message, but also a supportive audience and most importantly, a creative element that managed to introduce on the piece. Firstly, The Fountain created an  effective impact on people, for which Duchamp received a positive support and recognition from society. This contributed to the accomplishment of his main objective; changing society’s viewpoint about the concept of art. Furthermore, he produced an artwork out of a ready- made piece and therefore, included a creative element to his work. It is for all these things that I believe Duchamp’s artwork must be considered as art. 

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