Eportfolio lit: Act 7

  For the third and final term, I chose a learning experience done individually a couple of weeks ago, in which we had to write a poem. The activity was mainly based on choosing any picture that we liked from our gallery. Afterwards, we had to start planning the poem’s structure and in order to do so, we thought about 5 nouns, adjectives and verbs. Finally, we were told to come up with 2 literary devices, which we would have to include in the poem.  Once we had finished the poem, Pato gave us time to analyse them with a classmate. I believe this step was the most signficant one, considering that it allowed us not only to learn from other’s writing but also to acknowledge an accurate way of giving feedback. This is because we had to follow the ladder of feedback and so create an appropriate one. The ladder consisted on asking for clarification, expressing what you like, wondering something about his/her work and finally making a  suggestion.  



  Under my personal reflection, I strongly believe this activity was very useful and significant, considering that it is essential to understand the importance of feedbacks and mainly, doing them in the right way. In fact, through this activity I learned that giving negative criticism towards other’s work does not do anything but damaging their self-esteem. Nevertheless, giving an honest and positive feedback not only contributes to a rich improvement of the work, but also to an increased self esteem, which will create a positive effect on further activities. This is why I believe it is crucial for schools to teach students how to give an appropriate feedback, instead of only focusing on doing an accurate academic work. In addition to this, under my eyes, the activity also motivated us to work in groups and gave us the space to create a dialogue, in which we could discuss our different viewpoints, using arguments to support them. This is because giving feedback implies starting a discussion, considering that the owner of the work receives and answer and consequently,  sends a response. 


    I can connect this activity with real life, as I believe it teaches us to listen in silence before making any comments.  This means carrying on a learning process of not judging and therefore, acknowledging a helpful manner of listening to people. Furthermore, the ladder of feedback also motivated us to build up constructive critics, which is also useful for our day to day life. This is because it involves having a positive view about life. Positivism is a hard thing to achieve and yet it is one of the most important accomplishments, considering that whether if you enjoy life or not will depend on it. And having the opportunity of changing our way of facing life through a learning experience done in school is a worthwhile one that must be taken. 

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