Artwork inspired

 I created a piece of art inspired by the Argentine artist Adrian Villar Rojas. This is because I feel very comfortable with the message he wants to transmit through his art, based on the earth’s cruel reality and the role human beings have  incorporated overtime. In fact, humanity has managed to destroy everything, even the most pure thing; nature. This way, my project aimed to show one of the most damaging deeds humans have done, which is pollution, and I decided to represent it through the image of a turtle in the ocean full of trash.  


     Following the artist’s technique of building in three dimensions,  I’ve decided to model the turtle. To do so, I cut newspaper in small pieces and integrate it with some plastic glue. This way, kind of a dough was formed. At that point, I started building a figurative turtle and then I painted it. Nevertheless, I did not choose the exact same colours of a real one, instead, I mixed green,  brown and white and created an expressive colour. For the background, I painted the ocean in a light-blue tone and in an untidy way, so as to create the effect of a rough sea. 


 All in all, I really liked Roja’s message transmitted in his art piece and therefore, I decided  to work on a simbolic image to express a shared message; humanity managed to destroy everything. To do so, I based my technique on the artist’s one and modeled a turtle.

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