History sources

For history lessons, out teacher gave us an asigment in groups for which wr had to analyse some sources based on the new topic we learnt. I worked with Sol Santayana and Olivia Obligado:

History- Sources ( Unit 9.1)

Assignment: You should analyse sources 1,  4, 9 and 13.

Source 1: Hitler express his feeling over the Treaty of Versailles, saying that it was unfair that Germany had to suffer, and French and Great Britain ar in the top “having a great time”.

Source 4: The image express that Germany was sinking down on a lake, because of the treaty, and on the other side are the two repercussions of France and Great Britain, that are in the top.
Germany in the image is asking for help, and no one help him, and there is a lifeguard but the representatives of France and Great Britain let him sink.

Source 9: This source tries to explain how germans blamed the reparations that was a term of the treaty of versailles as this weakened her economy, and the Weimar republic too because of the hyperinflation and as it accepted the term of reparations and this made believe germans that they supported the treaty disappointing her country.

Source 13: This source is a poster of a film created in a period of time in which there was a huge growth in the german cinema. This one, was patronised by one of the major international stars; Marlene Dietrich. Also, at the moment Germany was in a new period, which led both art and culture to flourish as a result of the freedom established during this time. As a consequence, therefore, the cinema industry grew and began to have more influence in the german society. In fact, this period led the existence of more stars and new films that contributed to the cinema’s evolution.


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