The Big Three – Conversation

In class, we started a project in which we had to write a conversation beetween The Big Three and explain their aims and what they wanted from Germany´s punishment. Moreover, we record the conversation using voicethread

Here I leave  the dialogue and the voicethread.


To conclude,

I believe we had learnt more doing this project than reading the information from the book because writing a conversation means much more effort. Furthermore, I found quite interesting the idea of recording the  conversation as learning the topic in an easy and faster way

I really enjoy the fact of recording the conversation because,as I said before, I think it’s a better way to learn the topic and incorporate the information much easier.

 I wouldn’t change anything of this project for Senior 1 in next year, it’s a great project. However, I would change is that by using voicethread, we could not stop recording. Anyway, it is an useful, practical and original project.



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Una respuesta a The Big Three – Conversation

  1. Lenny dijo:

    Good job!

    Your post is complete.
    The conversation is relevant and covers the points required.
    The recording is a bit too fast at times and there are some minor mistakes.

    The final reflection is really interesting.

    8 (Eight)
    Well done.

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