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The first World War was a tragic and brutal conflict, led by certain causes; either long term causes or short term ones, that started the war. It was tragic and brutal, because the war finished with millions of people’s lives  physically and emotionally. In the following essay, I’m going to write about how war Naval rivalry contributed to war, as well as the connection between the other causes and the war.

 As regards the long term causes, the main cause that contributed to war is alliances, because countries involved had many alliances. This means that, not only countries involved took part at war, but also allies. And as a result, the WW1 became much bigger, powerful and bloody. For instance, the Anglo- French Entente. This was a strong and controlling alliance which took part in most of the causes.

 Imperialism is an important reason that led to war as being 3 types of Empires; established Empires, growing Empires and decaying ones. Imperialism led to the 1st and 2nd Moroccan Crisis because as Germany was a growing Empire, she needed to conquer land, was the 1st and 2nd Moroccan’s crisis conflict, for example.  In addition to this, growimg Empires were a threat for established Empires. As a consequence, this causes a lot of tension.

 Another main cause is nationalism because ethnic groups wanted to be independent. Also, Serbia wanted to start a rebellion in which ethnic groups could become independent.  As a result, this caused the Balkan’s Crisis, for instance. In fact, nationalism was one of the main causes because it was the causation of tension. For example, it caused the Balkan’s Crisis, as I said before.

  In addition to this, the Franco- Prussian war was an important cause because it was the reason of Germany’ s unification.  Also, this caused the french anger against

Germany due to she took the Alsace- Lorraine.

  The unification of Germany is quite important because it caused a lot of tension. For instance, Germany was a threat for countries such as France and Britain.

 And finally, the last long term cause is the unifucation of Italy because, although she didn’t contributed in all the causes, it is relevant because she was a new Empire so she was a threat for established and growing empires.

As regards the short term causes, the main reasom that to war were the 1st and 2nd Moroccan Crisis due to many important countries took part in it; France, Germany and Great Britain. Moreover, there was an alliance between France and Britain, and so the tensiom grew between the Anglo- French Entente and Germany.

 The Naval Race was a main cause due to it had a great connection with the beginning of WW1. Firstly, countries involved in the Naval Race, were the ones with the largest navy; Germany and Britain.  In addition, this caused tension because they started prepearing their arms race.

As well, an important cause was the Balkan’s Crisis because as Serbia wanted to start a rebellion, Empires felt threatened and new alliances were made. For instance, the triple alliance was created and tension grew between Serbia and Russia against the Austro- Hungarian Empire and Germany.

 Moreover, the arms race is an important cause because main countries were involved. Furthermore, this led Germany’s plan for war. As a result, a conflict between France and Germany began, once more.

 To finish, the murder at Sarajevo is the last main cause because Empires that used to be strong and powerful, became decaying ones as ethnic groups wanted nationalism.  

 All in all, the WW1 was a number of certain events that contributed and they finally led war due to tension, corruption and the fact that they all wantes land.

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